Adebayor has never betrayed Arsenal

That is the testimony of Emmanuel Adebayor after what happened in the past.

Arsenal recruited Emmanuel Adebayor from Monaco in the winter of 2006. In 250 appearances in the Premier League, he scored 122 goals, but that’s not what people want to remember about Adebayor.

Adebayor remembers: “When I was 21, Arsene Wenger called me for the first time. At that time, I was playing for Monaco but on vacation in Togo and playing street football. One of my friends picked up the Nokia. I said Wenger on the other end, I said, ‘Oh, don’t joke around’, then hang up. The bell rang again and I picked up the phone and really he was. “

Adebayor continued: “I listen to Hallo. Wenger’s voice is quite impressive. I really like you. I will go there tomorrow. Stay calm.”

This is how Arsenal stars face the pressure of piling up after two shameful defeats

In order to have “Ramsey replacement”, Arsenal had to pay £ 26 million
“Then two days after the signing contract. He said there was no condition. All I wanted was Nwankwo Kanu’s number 25 shirt. He was my idol. Wenger said ‘Your dream was reality.’ Incredible”.

However, the relationship of the two sides deteriorated after 3 years of Adebayor playing in England. He found the club no longer ambitious. He revealed: “Kolo, Fabregas, Clichy, Van Persie are all leaving. I don’t think Arsenal love to keep players.”

“I never thought I would wake up at Manchester City. I signed a 5-year contract with Arsenal. I returned to the team at the pre-season and Wenger told him to leave. I asked why I left. He told me that if I stayed, he wouldn’t register me to play. When I heard that, I had to choose to leave. “

This is the act that caused Adebayor to bear a lot of criticism until later.

“I remember when I was playing football, there were always screaming words on the stadium: ‘Your mother is a whore. Your father is an elephant washer.’ My father actually did a midfield exchange and my mother was one. But this continues to happen, I have heard it thousands of times from CDV, now the FA is trying to stop racism.

He affirmed: “I love England. But I have a name. There are times when I hear Adebayor’s name are all negative things. They say Adebayor likes money. Not only Adebayor will switch clubs. If anyone understands, I will know I want to go home to Togo. “

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