Atletico and ambition to overthrow Barcelona: What else, Simeone?

Barcelona has suddenly “leveled off” in this round but the chance of champions of Atletico Madrid in La Liga is good this year?

The 32nd round saw dramatic happenings in the La Liga championship race 2018/19. Atletico Madrid had an important victory against Celta Vigo, while Barcelona were Real Madrid’s “defeats” – SD Huesca’s club did goalless at El Alcoraz. Ernesto Valverde’s teachers suddenly dropped 3 points against a lower-rated competitor like Huesca bringing a little hope for Atletico Madrid, who always looked forward to a spectacular “subversion” that seemed hopelessly hopeless. .

Barcelona slowed down a bit

The leg care most pillars, for the quarter-finals in the mid-week after Barcelona is a really important task. Anyway, in La Liga, the position and strength of the Camp Nou team is something that many unseen teams have “shaken”. But the Champions League is different, the most prestigious continent of the continent always has unexpected dangers, subjective will make Lionel Messi and his teammates pay.

Coach Ernesto Valverde understands that, he ventures to take most of the pillars, make room for the reserve players to express themselves and thereby also the opportunity to review forces. The hardship hit Barca, the Catalans had to divide the points with the opponent who was always determined. Barca and coach Valverde have agreed to “slow down a bit” towards the more important goal.

What about Diego Simeone for Atletico?

In the context of a direct competitor dropping the victory, the beneficiary team is definitely Atletico Madrid. Currently, Barca is more than Atletico 9 points, La Liga has 6 rounds to close. Hope is clearly fragile for coach Diego Simeone and his students. Looking forward to “the Catalan giant” continues to drop the victory in the next 3 rounds, while Atletico is determined to win all 3 matches which will bring about an interesting and exciting competition in the rest of La. Liga 2018/19.

The fragile rays are not fragile. With the world top leagues like the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 or Bundesliga, everything can happen if the championship teams know how to seize the opportunity and are ready to accelerate strong.

Atletico Madrid won all the remaining matches of the season as a necessary condition, but Barcelona must “stumble” at least three matches to be a sufficient condition. In the context of Lionel Messi and his teammates have to stretch for La Liga, Champions League and towards the finals of Copa del Rey, Diego Simeone’s teachers need to understand their mission.

Atletico kept doing his best, Diego Simeone kept throwing all his “fingers”, the rest kept waiting for luck. By the way, fate is suddenly called the name of the field team Wanda Metropolitano?

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