Bayern champions Bundesliga: Silver disk contains many worries

After all, Bayern Munich won the Bundesliga title for the seventh consecutive time and the 29th time in the club’s history. A proud feat. But hidden there are worries that are not simple.

The domestic league has long been not a priority for Bayern. Like PSG in Ligue 1 and Juventus in Serie A, the fact that Gray won the silver plate at the end of the season is not surprising. Every season, people are only interested in watching the Bavarians take the throne with any record.

However, it seems that the domination of too long has caused the gray claws to become blunt to harmless. In the Bundesliga this year, Bayern have struggled to beat the stubborn opponent Dortmund on the championship journey.

It was not until the beginning of March that Bayern officially surpassed this opponent. And before that, they competed unbelievably, and sometimes seemed unable to win the championship. Only thanks to the sudden decline of the Ruhr team, Bayern have a chance to rise.

The big turn came in the 28th round when Bayern faced Dortmund at home. The gray lobster played extremely explosive when he scored 4 goals in the first half and ended the match with a score of 5-0. That victory not only helped Bayern claim the top spot with 1 more point but also dealt a blow to the psychology of Dortmund.

Having to struggle, Bayern beat Dortmund on their Bundesliga championship journey

However, it was not until the final round, Bayern officially came to the throne after a great victory 5-1 against Frankfurt. Dortmund, despite winning a 2-0 victory over M’Gladbach, looked at the Silver Plate for the Gray Lobster with two fewer points.

This is the most difficult championship that Lobster Gray won in the last 7 years to dominate the past. Last season, they all soon settled in the Bundesliga to focus on the Champions League and the gap with the second team was often immense.

Specifically, in the 2012/13 season, Bayern are 25 points higher than Dortmund’s 2nd ranked team. The distance in the following seasons is respectively 19 points (2013/14 season), 10 points (season 2014/15), 10 points (season 2015/16), 15 points (season 2016/17) and 21 points ( 2017/18 season).

Dortmund’s resurgence may be a threat to Bayern, but the most important reason why they have failed in the championship race this year is because Gray has been so much worse than himself.

Gray soon stopped at the 1/8 round of Champions League against Liverpool

Under the hands of Niko Kovac without a lot of top coaching experience is an old and old team. Without any other big stars, Kovac could only bring in two young Alphonso Davies and Leon Goretzka, along with players who were called back after lending time like Renato Sanches or Serge Gnabry.

The pillars of Bayern who are too old as the Arjen Robben duo – Franck Ribery on the attack or Rafinha, Manuel Neuer under the defense. The rest is down to an unrecognizable level.

Steel midfielder Mats Hummels – Jerome Boateng and shield striker Thomas Mueller did not realize they were the ones who brought the 2014 world championship to the German team.

Bayern’s source of life depends entirely on the performance of Robert Lewandowski. However, the Polish striker is not superhuman and he is not enough to help Bayern win in all competitions. Lewandowski himself is also much worse than the previous season because of the effects of age.

Kovac has a lot of work to do after the first season is not really successful

With a rundown squad without the necessary additions, it is not difficult to understand that Bayern soon stopped at the 1/8 round of the Champions League against Liverpool. It is not enough to compensate for this pain in the final of the German National Cup. Obviously for a team like Bayern, not being able to go deep in the Champions League is a failure.

The gray promise to have a blood change in the summer to regain honor. Robben duo – Ribery and Rafinha are almost certain to leave. The future of Hummels, Boateng, David Alaba and Thomas Mueller is also open. Lucas Hernandez was brought back for 80 million euros with fellow countryman Benjamin Pavard (35 million euros). They also have a promising Jann-Fiete Arp from Hamburg.

It seems that Lobster Gray’s strategy is to invest in young players rather than racing to buy stars. However, after years of saying no to blockbuster deals, it’s probably time for Bayern’s bosses to bring back the world’s top stars.

This is the period when the big Premier League men race in arms, 2 giants of Spanish football have never stopped flirting with top superstars and a Juventus is thirsty for European champions than ever. over. If Bayern were to stand outside the race, they would only be forever “big boys” in the Bundesliga village pond.

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