Chelsea: Forget Higuain and go back to Giroud

Chelsea treated Olivier Giroud unfairly! The fact that the Blues put too much faith in rookie Gonzalo Higuain is almost an insult to the French striker.

Despite being the most effective player among the 9 players who played at Stamford Bridge after the time of Diego Costa, Giroud still not believing and often have to be friends with the bench. But in the end, Chelsea realized the truth. Higuain cannot be a reliable choice on public goods.

Since moving from Milan (loaned out by Juventus), Higuain has been on the Blues’ register list for 11 Premier League games, and 9 of them. However, he has only scored 3 goals. All three are in the net of relegated teams, Huddersfield and Fulham. Also a plump zero. Once created, no.

To make room for Higuain, Sarri has turned Giroud into “Europa League striker”. The Frenchman who only got the main kick in the arena is still considered a side, in the Premier League, during Higuain’s time, he only had one main kick (and … scored). But Giroud made good use of the Europa League opportunity to prove Sarri’s belief to Higuain was wrong. In the last 6 games in this arena, he scored 10 goals. There are also 3 tectonic phases.

Finally, Sarri knew she was wrong. Higuain certainly returned to Juventus, regardless of whether Chelsea were banned for transfer this summer. And Giroud is definitely retained, with Chelsea activating his contract extension terms. If the ban on transfer is retained, Giroud will be the main center of Chelsea next season. Is it not to apologize?

Giroud outstanding performance

In the Premier League, Higuain scored 3 goals in 762 minutes on the pitch, meaning he needed 254 minutes to score a goal. Also with the same time in the Europa League, Giroud scored 10 goals. The performance of the French striker is 85 minutes a table, which does not require a match to get a goal.

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