Fan M.U is bored because Solskjaer keeps his old assistant team

There will not be much change on the coaching bench when coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer confirmed that he will continue to work with Michael Carrick, Kieran McKenna and Mark Dempsey.

Of the three names, there were two from Jose Mourinho. Carrick joined Mourinho’s assistant team after hanging up his shoes. As for McKenna, Mourinho lifted him up from the U18 M.U after his trusted assistant Rui Faria left Old Trafford.

Dempsey is an adult in the M.U training academy as a player before developing as a trainer. He follows Solskjaer to work in Molde and Cardiff before returning to M.U.

Through the newspaper, Solskjaer confirmed: “All of them will stay. I think it is very important to help the team keep going. We will try to promote each other and they are all teachers. Like McKenna, you can’t think he’s 32 years old because he looks like he has 32 years of leading experience.

With Dempsey, I have been working with him since 2011 when I returned to Molde, Norway. He was always part of M.U, growing up with Norman Whiteside and Mark Hughes in the youth team. He fully understands what is doing here.

Carrick is probably the least popular. When he came here, it was my last season as a player. With just 1 year of playing together, I think Carrick is the one I can connect. “

Overall, Solskjaer has kept a stable team of “limbs” to embark on the reconstruction. However, many fans are dissatisfied when looking at this quality because there are not really many strong factors in their profession or personality.

Aguero vowed not to mess up Messi in the race for the Golden Ball

Man City striker Sergio Aguero recently denied that he said fellow countryman Lionel Messi is not worthy of winning the Golden Ball this year.

Through social networking site Twitter, Aguero commented on Barcelona’s super striker as follows: “I don’t like to clarify my statement. However, when the press releases the words that are not mine, I can’t be silent “.

“Now I will say it slowly and clearly so that you can understand. If Messi kicks as well as he has shown this season, I will always support him to win the Golden Ball. The question is Am I worthy of winning the Golden Ball this year? I think I can only dream about that scenario if I go to the Champions League final. “

“Now everything is clear, isn’t it? I hope I will not have to explain anything later, just because my statement is misunderstood just like that,” El Kun said.

Previously, Aguero is said to imply that Messi is not worthy to be awarded the Golden Ball with a statement, this is a prize that should only be given to players who are in the Champions League final. This season, Messi scored 12 goals in Europe’s most prestigious club level tournament, but his team lost to Liverpool in the semifinals with a total of 3-4.

Particularly in La Liga, Messi helped Barca crowned when contributing up to 34 goals and 13 assists from the start of the tournament. He touched the title of top scorer when he was second in the pichichi race to 13 goals.

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