Helping Bayern to top the table, Lewandowski went into the Bundesliga history

Lewansowski once again set a record in the Bundesliga on the day Bayern Munich beat Dortmund to rise to the top of the table.

Before round 25, Bayern Munich and Dortmund had the same 54 points. Robert Lewandowksi and his teammates ranked second due to the inferiority of the sub-index (goal difference-defeat). But the 6-0 win over Wolfsburg last night (March 9) helped the Barvaria club officially take the lead after a long time of “hiding” the rivalry of the Ruhr region.

The Polish striker left a bold mark in the curtain to bury the Wolves with a brace. This double helped Super Eagles get 197 goals in the Bundesliga, thus becoming the best foreign striker in the history of the tournament.

The old record belongs to Claudio Pizarro, the veteran striker is leading for Weder Bremen: 195 goals. 123/197 goals in the Bundesliga were made by the 30-year-old striker when playing for Bayern Munich, the rest took place at the time of serving Dortmund.

The brace at the Allianz Arena last night (March 9) was the 8th consecutive match he scored against Wolfsburg. Wolves continue to be one of the favorite “victims” of Polish strikers in the No. 1 German tournament.

Not only that, Lewandowski also surpassed Luka Jovic to occupy the No. 1 spot in the race to win the Bundesliga Golden Shoe in 2018/19. Specifically, Super Eagle has 17 goals, more than 2 goals compared to rivals in Frankfurt.

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