History supports Liverpool before the replay of Barca

Liverpool have little hope of reaching the Champions League final for the second consecutive season because they lost to Barcelona to 0-3 in the first leg semi-final. However, there are still some statistics supporting them before the rematch between the two teams at Anfield tonight.

0. Liverpool have never lost both matches in the European Cup semi-finals. In the last 4 games playing at home in the Champions League, this team also keeps clean sheets.

2. Coach Juergen Klopp’s team just lost the last 2/54 matches at Anfield.

2. The referee who started the next match is Cuneyt Cakir who is very charming with Liverpool, because The Kop has won both matches with him holding the whistle. These are Liverpool matches that beat Dortmund (4-3, Europa League 2015/16) and PSG (3-2, Champions League this season).

3. Liverpool have surpassed three-quarters of Spain’s representatives in the Champions League semi-finals.

3. Barca lost all three Champions League semi-final matches when competing away from home. Broader, the La Liga champions lost to 10 and only won 3 of the C1 / Champions League semi-final semi-final matches.

9. Sadio Mane striker has always scored at least 1 goal in every knockout round in the European Cup since joining Liverpool. Up to now, he has “opened fire” 9 times in 11 matches at this time.

10. Liverpool manager Klopp has been unbeaten in 10 rounds with 2 matches when entering the knockout stage in the European Cup (winning 17/20 matches).

14. In 18 appearances at Anfield in the European Cup semi-finals, Liverpool won 14 victories. They let the opponent hold the match 3 times and lose only one match exactly. If only in the Champions League / Champions League semi-final, Liverpool won 8 and drew 2 matches.

14. Liverpool have a very high winning rate when they are in the European Cup semi-finals. This is the 19th time they have come to the tournament for the 4 best teams (11 times in C1 / Champions League). If you defeat Barca, Liverpool will be the 14th time to play the European Cup final (9 times in C1 / Champions League).

18. Except for the finals, Barca lost 18/40 times when they came to be guests on the court of the British representatives (draw 11, win 11).

Dembele ‘throw’ 36 games in Barca because of injury

Injuries encountered in the match against Celta Vigo will make striker Ousmane Dembele likely to be out for a minimum of 3 weeks. Because of his friendship with injury, Dembele missed many of Barca’s matches after almost 2 seasons.

In the summer of 2017, Barcelona spent 105 million euros (plus 40 million euros extra) to sign a 5-year contract with Ousmane Dembele from Dortmund. However, since then, Dembele has only 66 appearances in every arena, contributing a total of 18 goals and 18 assists.

In just two seasons, Lionel Messi had a superior number of Dembele matches (100 games – 93 goals) or Luis Suarez was also better than the star born in 1997 (99 games, 56 goals). According to statistics, Dembele missed 36 games for the Catalans because of various injuries.

From an economic perspective, the fact that Dembele cannot contribute too much to Barca makes the La Liga champions lose a considerable amount. Obviously, for a player who receives a salary of up to 30 million euros / year plus a “terrible” transfer fee that only contributes about that is a failure.

For example, Dembele received a salary of 30 million euros / year plus 52.5 million euros (out of 105 million euros) transfer fee divided by 66 games in 2 seasons (in 2 seasons 2017/18 and 2018/19 ). Thus, Barca spent 82.5 million pounds only to exchange for 33 games / season of Dembele.

The fact that Dembele was injured after just 25 seconds of a 0-2 win at Barcelona to host Celta Vigo also questioned the health status of the 2018 World Cup champion. This guy has no girlfriend and also There is no need to find “the other half” because it is still busy … plowing the game. He is addicted to PlayStation. How long to play is not boring, not tired. Dembele can play games all night. If Dembele got out of the house the night before, he would just go buy some fast food to go home to recharge the next game.

He used to go to practice late many times because of lack of sleep because he was still awake to play games. It is the habit of being disregarded that has caused Dembele to have health problems and such injuries are a consequence.

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