Klopp: ‘Champions League failure does not affect Liverpool’

Juergen Klopp said in a statement before the Newcastle international visitors’ visit to the Premier League that the defeat to Barca did not affect the team.

Mid-week patrol Liverpool lost to the hosts Barca 0-3 in the Champions League semi-final first leg. This defeat made The Kop no more opportunities for the second consecutive time to reach the final, and it could also make Coach Klopp’s team lose their spirit leading to a loss in the remaining 2 matches in the Premier League. but in the short term is a trip to Newcastle’s yard this weekend.

Speaking before the match against Newcastle, coach Klopp said: “We don’t need to hug and encourage players. If you want to win football, you have to accept that you can lose. think positively about the match (with Barca) rather than being negative because of what we did on the pitch “.

“The boys played flaming. When you join the race, you won’t feel tired. We have ambition. All we can do is beat Newcastle. What other teams do on Monday night is not our problem, “coach Klopp did not forget to mention the latest round of 37 matches between Man City and Leicester.

“Our performances in recent weeks have been great. Now we need to continue like this,” said the German strategist for the team spirit before the visit to St. Louis. Jame’s Park tonight.

Liverpool people need a ‘La Fatal Verona’

“La Fatal Verona” is a phrase that has become a myth in Italy, about the Scudetto competition that ended in an utopian way between AC Milan and Juventus in the 1972/73 season. Before the final round, Milan had 44 points, Juve, Lazio with 43 points (that day Italy counted 2 points for a win).

Milan is full of opportunities to engrave on the first star’s chest with the 10th championship in history. Because in the final round, Milan will encounter a safe Verona on the standings, while Juventus must face Roma, while Lazio meet Napoli. Meanwhile, Milan was led by the master of the strategy Catenaccio, the legendary Nereo Rocco, and the number one star in the squad, Gianni Rivera.

Everyone thought Milan would win, but the unbelievable thing happened, Milan lost to Verona 3-5 and offered the Scudetto to Juventus, the team thought there was no hope but still diligently won a 2-1 victory over Roma. On the other side, Lazio lost 0-1 to Napoli. “La Fatal Verona” became a concept referred to as a “blockbuster work” of boot-shaped football. Even on May 20, 1973, he was written a book with the name “Verona-Milan 5-3”.

That day, Milan went to Bentegodi with champagne on hand. And the results they received, as proof of the astonishment that the ball can bring. 46 years later, Liverpool and Manchester City are coming to such a tragic film. With 91 points in hand, Liverpool have become the 8th team to reach the 90-point mark in Premier League history.

But while the other 7 teams won the Premier League, they were still waiting for the final round to know if they were called. Why is a great Liverpool like this in the past 30 years, and why is a Manchester City so good in history, must face each other in the context of “happy as a narrow blanket” like this? No one answered, just pity “It’s football”.

In October 2015, after replacing Brendan Rodgers to become Liverpool’s manager, Juergen Klopp, when asked about the Merseyside side’s 25-year unstoppable championship, replied: “I cannot speak. Please wait another 20 years. I promise, within 4 years will bring the championship to the club ”.

Then he added a half-joking sentence “or else, I will go to Switzerland”. This 2018/19 season is the last year that he fulfills his promise. It would be a disaster for the teachers to pray if Klopp left for Switzerland and left the top football. The place where he felt very well about his rampage, knew he was not outdated, but owed him a title.

Klopp came very close, but now things are no longer in his hands. Manchester City have won the match, overtaking Tottenham and Manchester United. Now the two teams have the same 36 matches, The Citizens is 92 points, and The Kop is 91 points. Liverpool no longer has autonomy. The team has the right to “not read newspapers, not to watch television, not listen to the radio” is Manchester City.

But at one point, Liverpool had 7 points more than Manchester City, even had a chance to pull up 9 points. But all those advantages were thrown into the river, with regrettable draws and losses when Salah lost form. So now Klopp only waited for a “La Fatal Verona” for himself. But want that, he must be Juventus 46 years ago. In that 1972/73 season, Juventus, who had not expected Verona to be able to beat Milan, only tried to do their best, his heart did not bother people.

Keeping your mind calm like a flat lake, can you do it, Klopp?

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