Liverpool ‘beat fastness’ Porto, Klopp said what?

Although Liverpool has ‘beat fast and fast’ Porto (Champions League quarter-finals), coach Klopp is not really satisfied.

Welcoming Porto in the framework of the quarter-finals of the Champions League quarter-season 2018/19, Liverpool did not hide the intention of ‘beat fast, win fast’. That goal was excellently accomplished by coach Juergen Klopp’s students. In the first 26 minutes, Naby Keita and Roberto Firmino in turn made the Reds a 2-0 lead.

The remaining time, representatives of the Premier League had many opportunities to increase the gap but their strikers could not take advantage. That makes the German military rulers expressed regret.

“We were able to score more than 2 goals. We did not create enough pressure in the second half. In this cup format, every goal scored is very important and we need to overcome this, ”coach Klopp said. press conference after the match.

The trưởng captain ’of Liverpool did not forget to emphasize that his mission and his students are not complete. They still have a return match on Dragao in the middle of next week.

“The game is not over yet. We have a return match at Dragao. The screen of that talent promises many difficulties. Porto certainly does not surrender and it is our duty to keep the focus up, ”Klopp added.

The 2-0 victory over Porto helped Liverpool put a foot into the Champions League semi-final for the second consecutive season. Not only that, this result also helps teachers and coaches Klopp full of confidence when welcoming Chelsea in the match for the 34th round of the Premier League this weekend.

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