M.U made the official decision on De Gea’s new contract

Vice President Ed Woodward made the final decision on David De Gea’s new contract. Accordingly, Man United will not give in to the Spanish goalkeeper’s request for a raise.

De Gea and Man United’s current contract will end at the end of the season and the club will have a one-year extension if they wish. Every deal on a new contract is stalled by a 28-year-old goalkeeper demanding a salary equal to Alexis Sanchez’s, £ 500,000 a week.

However, according to press Ed Woodward did not accept De Gea’s request and was ready to put him on the transfer list this summer. The United’s vice president said that it was impossible for Sanchez to recur at Old Trafford.

The Red Devils were too hasty to sign commitments with the Chilean player and gave him a huge salary. However, Sanchez was deeply disappointed and M.U was having trouble pushing him away because no club was able to meet the huge salary.

Although De Gea is the No. 1 god of the club for many seasons, BLD Man United is determined to avoid bad precedents for later stars to be able to end.

If contract negotiations do not work, De Gea may leave Old Trafford in the summer. There are a lot of teams rumored to be interested in him like PSG, Juventus and even Real Madrid.

Benzema: ‘Zidane is like my brother’

In an interview with Le Quotidien, striker Karim Benzema had interesting discussions about Real Madrid, coach Zinedine Zidane, DT France and his future.

– Can you introduce yourself?

+ I’m Karim Benzema, 31, has been a father of 2 children and is having a happy life.

– Do you have to add 4 Champions League, 2 La Liga championship, 4 times Ligue 1 championship and 10 years in Spain?

+ (Laugh). It’s been 10 years already. In 2009, I was introduced at the Bernabeu. Time passes like a blink of an eye. I am proud of my journey. Not bad for a football player, especially in one of the greatest clubs in the world.

– Is this your best season since coming to Real?

+ Can say so. Although the club did not win any trophies, it was a special season for me personally.

– Is that because Cristiano Ronaldo has left?

+ He is a great player. Ronaldo’s move to Juventus was a huge loss, but I tried to fill the position he left behind. Of course Real is a collection of stars so no one is irreplaceable.

– Did the incident with Valbuena affect your image so much?

+ I don’t see that. At Real everyone is happy to talk to me and I’m happy for this.

– Do you remember how many goals you have scored in the Champions League?

+ 60 tables. Not bad, but in Real there are much better people. Ronaldo has 127 goals and Raul has 71. If I try, I can catch Raul.

– What do you do on the 2018 World Cup final?

+ I stay at home with my mother in Lyon. We watched the match through television. I am very close to Raphael Varane and sent a message to wish him a champion. I am very happy about what they have done.

– Do you like to play for France or Real?

+ Not much difference. For me both are equally important. DT France is having a new generation full of talent and now I’m just like their 1 supporter.

– What can you say about your relationship with Zidane?

+ Very close. I have known him for a long time. Zidane is like my brother. He helped me a lot in football and life. But sometimes he still reprimands me. After all, I will fight for him until I die. For me, Zidane is the greatest.

– What’s your most memorable memory?

+ It was the first time to win the Champions League.

– Do you feel like you are a veteran with new people?

+ I’m not as old as you think. I will always try to pass on to them the experience I have. They are talented young players and I have been like that.

– Did you come back to France?

+ I am competing for the best club in the world with very high competition. The club in my heart is Lyon. So it is difficult to talk about the future.

– How do you become a father?

+ It is something very sacred. As a father, I am very happy and always try to bring out the best for my children.

– Thank you for the exchange!

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