M.U needs Sir Alex and not Mourinho or Ed

The urgent issue now is not to buy anyone, sell anyone but they have to recruit a sports director, who will decide the strategy of recruiting and building reasonable players? But who is that? Who can replace Ed Woodward to help Man United escape the expensive purchase and use it ineffectively?

Who is the greatest director in the history of English Premier League football? This is a question that deserves to be answered thoroughly if you want to become the most successful team. The main answer is Sir Alex Ferguson, the legendary coach of Man United, the architect for both the glorious phase of this team.

“Sir Alex is in charge of coach, manager, and director of sports. All of Man United’s operations are under his control. Alex sets up a work plan, works for the entire team. Ball and control it through its excellent assistant system, “said Dr. Dan Parnell of the University of Liverpool Sports Center.

Ferguson created a continuous operation structure but never let the practice and play follow the path. The team of coaching assistants is constantly refreshed so that players can approach many new ideas. This helps him avoid negative effects from brains with limited knowledge of football.

Most people acknowledge that Ferguson’s departure, along with CEO David Gill in the summer of 2013, left a void that could not be filled. The new coach comes and leaves, so far three coaches have been fired. And Ed Woodward brings commercial acumen, but that’s it.

The above problems are inevitable. Manchester United had the greatest sports director ever and when Alex Ferguson retired, Man United still struggled to find a worthy replacement but failed. And so, Man United is plunging without an end.

Who is the sports director? At least it is not a silly poor man who knows about football. This position has many different ways of calling: The manager of all football activities, football directors or some other names depending on the calling of different football institutions.

Some sales directors only deal with the transfer and sale of players. Some follow the players, to decide whether to put on the First team or not. Some people focus on talent development and no voice in recruitment. Each club requires a cassation to be a suitable function.

However, recruitment is often seen as an important aspect of the job of a director, despite many ideas that this should be the function of the head coach. Because the coach’s future is inextricably linked to the results of the training afterwards, it is natural for them to always want to buy this person.

A sports director can determine the club’s future plans. This is the cause of conflict between Woodward and Jose Mourinho about whether or not to buy quality midfielders in the summer of 2018. There should be a sports director between the two to reconcile the benefits.

Indeed, one of the most useful aspects of the role of sports director is being able to act as an intermediary between the coach and the team leader. It allows the coach to focus on the knack for coaching and managing players, while the Management Board knows what the coach needs to get the best results.

Mourinho said a lot about “conditions” if the club wants to succeed. But few people were sympathetic when he was fired in December because the team was near the relegation zone. It seems that Mourinho is not supported by the Board of Management so the farewell outcome is hard to avoid.

In order to avoid wounds between the coach and the club as in the case of Mourinho contradicting Ed Woodward, Man United needs a Director. But who is that person?

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