Man City craves the Iron Throne to restore order

As Juergen Klopp said, it’s a magical week, of great football moments. The serenity gave way to chaos. Barcelona and Ajax are still trying to explain the defeat in the Champions League semi-final. Maybe there’s a final shock in the Premier League in this 38 round? Liverpool champions right in front of Man City?

Opportunities are few but the most optimistic Liverpool fans will bet on this hope. Man City have won 13 Premier League matches. Only losing to Brighton, Man City lost the Cup, in case Liverpool beat Wolves. Meanwhile, Liverpool will do what they have pursued for 29 years: winning the Premier League.

In fact, the Premier League’s real trophy will appear on Brighton’s field, while Anfield is just a fake version. The Premier League BTC clearly still appreciates the ability of Manchester City to win over the other man’s shock.

There is one thing that City fans feel bad about, not only because of what Liverpool and Tottenham have done this week or because of the uncomfortable feeling that Liverpool are having time, but because in history, Man City has had reminders of “impossible, still happening”.

Sergio Aguero’s diamond-like goal against QPR earned his first Premier League title for Man City in 2012 or a play-off match for promotion in 1999, when Man City was 2-0 by Gillingham, but did equalize at the last minute and win the penalty shootout 11m.

These are Man City’s resurrection deaths, and they are worried that this will appear to Liverpool. A stumbling block against Brighton will pay dearly because Man City has been virtually empty this season. If so, they would die standing like Man United when they lost the Silver Cup 2012, by Aguero at the last minute.

May 2012 Man City lucky champion after 44 years of waiting. But under Pep Guardiola, Man City was more proactive with the throne, but a rich man got used to the habit of winning. They approached the Iron Chair calmly, but feared what had happened to him appearing with Liverpool.

If winning and championing, Man City will set a record score of successful trophy defending champion: 198 points. Meanwhile, Chelsea at the 2004 and 2005 championship seasons, will be beaten their 186-point record. And third place is Man United with 178 points. It is the king’s posture of Man City.

“A beautiful dream is about to come true. There were times when City were 7 points behind Liverpool, and second place. But now, the stalker is The Kop and another victory will help Liverpool raise the hopeless number to 30 years. Man City will win easily ”, Pep confident before the final round.

Meanwhile, Juergen Klopp also sends a strong message to the warriors: Do your job, defeat Wolves, if the magic doesn’t happen, be proud that Liverpool has had an amazing season, making the whole world have a hat. And we’re going to the Champions League final.

Tonight, the powerful Iron Throne will caress both rivals: Man City and Liverpool. But it is likely that he will stay in Manchester from then on, Pep Guardiola rearranges the Premier League’s order with City’s unique status.

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