Man City was killed again on his journey to the finish line

After the victory of M.U, Man City received the unhappy news when Fernandinho midfielder got injured and was forced to check his knee thoroughly on April 25.

51 minutes of the match between M.U and Man City at Old Trafford, the Fernandinho midfielder of the visitors was released for injury. Previously, Fernandinho was hurt after using Paul Pogba’s free-kick just before half-time.

It seems like the Brazilian player can continue to play but in the end, everything is not like Fernandinho thinks. After the 2-0 win over the Reds, Fernandinho said: “We will know the results today (April 25).

I will perform x-rays and thoroughly examine everything. I will talk to the doctor and he will advise me before making a final decision. When I blocked Pogba’s shot, my knee had a problem. It seems a bit twisted. I think I can still play but in the end it’s not like that. “

Man City hopes the 33-year-old will not be in big trouble and he can play against Burnley next Sunday. If Fernandinho is unable to play, coach Pep Guardiola will face many difficulties in terms of personnel. Before that, he could not get Kevin De Bruyne’s service because of a muscle injury.

Wini Red, Guardiola’s teachers demanded the Premier League top from Liverpool when there were 89 points, 1 point more than their opponents.

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