Old man M.U is still Liverpool only when he … died

The former goalkeeper of M.U and Everton is Tim Howard, who gave a terrifying statement to Liverpool when he hoped The Kop could not win a title until he died.

The former American goalkeeper is now in his final year in the colors of Colorado Rapids. He spent four years at Man United before playing more than 400 matches for Everton in 10 years.

Once a member of M.U and Everton, Howard, of course, never expected the big rival Liverpool to win a major title.

“I hope Liverpool will never win a title when I have a breath,” Howard said on CNN. “The championship race is very stressful and if no one slips, Man City will be the coronation team.”

Howard also won encouragement for former club Man United and manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. “Solsa is the right man for Man United’s captain. I hope the Reds will win 1 Champions League ticket next season.”

Both Liverpool and Man United are having their own difficulties. While the Red Brigade is losing against City in the championship race and having to face Barca in the Champions League semi-final, the Red Devils are gradually hoping to top the Top 4 in the Premier League.

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