Prism: Barca is too strong

La Liga last weekend, a loyal fan of Barca is not sure to tell 11 names in the starting line-up of the Catalunya team in the Huesca draw 0-0. In contrast, a long-time Manchester United fan could tell 11 names that helped them to beat West Ham 2-1 in the last round of the Premier League.

If Barca to Messi, Suarez, Rakitic, Busquet at home and only use Todibo, Wague, Puig, Murillo, Boateng … when confronting Huesca, then the Red Devils have released all the best players like Pogba, Lukaku, Martial, De Gea, Jones, Smalling … in the match against West Ham.

Tonight, when Barca and M.U meet again, we will have a match between the team and the players playing the density of 7 days / match and the opponent is the 3-day man / match. Barca is not only stronger, but also has the advantage of the Nou Camp home – where they have been unbeaten in the European Cup arena since 2013.

Not to mention, Barca’s psychology is also much more comfortable, since the front behind them is La Liga. Meanwhile, Man United marched to the Nou Camp with numerous worries because the competition for a position in the Top 4 Premier League has not been anywhere. M.U has been led by Barca on a away field, and has a lower quality than the Catalunya football team. Too many advantages for Barca, and so much to think about.

The psychology of the people, the psychology of the soldiers, or the psychology of the people who fought in the fighting sports at the same time, were attributed to a core recorded in the Venerable Corps: “If I throw soldiers If I cannot retreat, I cannot escape. Because you can’t die without anything? So the good doctor will fight with his whole heart. The soldiers that were besieged too much would no longer worry and fear, there was no place to run, so they had to be strong. ”

Comparing in the first leg, M.U then had many advantages in his hand, but obviously there was something to fear Barca. Except for a few individuals like Smalling or McTominay, Man United’s team (especially captain Ashey Young) was “horrible”, though it was a bad day for Sergio Busquets and Ivan Rakitic on the side. Barca.

The Reds did not create the opportunity to put the ball into the penalty area. In the end, they failed because of cynicism. Now, if you put Man United on the Nou Camp, will the opposite happen? Han Xin – the name of the Han general who once said: “If you come to the land to die, then after you live, take it to the place where you lost it, then it will remain.”

Where did Man United learn from the past? Learn from Barca itself. 10 years ago, the two sides met in the 2008/09 Champions League final. At that time, Barca had “defended” the defense as Abidal and Alves were suspended, while Marquez was injured. As a result, coach Pep Guardiola must push Puyol to the wings. Yet that patchwork team won a United United more evenly and still Cristiano Ronaldo at the time.

Will Man United do the same thing? Do they deserve the seniors in the past and also come back to the opposite? It all depends on what coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will convey to the players. Remember, the Red Devils are not tied up at the moment, so it was extremely hard to fight. In a nutshell, hitting is sure, is it just okay to fight? Because Barca is really too strong!

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