Real must change the plan to show Hazard village because … Liverpool

Although only accidentally but not intentionally, Liverpool recently made Real Madrid have to change plans to launch rookie Eden Hazard from Chelsea.

Hazard is expected to leave Chelsea at the end of the season to switch to the Spanish Royal Team. With a recognized level, the Belgian winger, who has just had a great season, promises to make Real great again after Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer in service.

According to L’Equipe, BLD Real is confident in the ability to win Hazard’s service. They even plan to release their blockbuster contract on June 2, the time immediately after the end of the Champions League final in 2018/19.

When Real planned this idea, they believed Barcelona would win the Champions League final after a 3-0 victory over Liverpool in the first leg of the Nou Camp. When it is expected to launch Hazard on June 2, Real’s goal is that they want to show all that they need to have a drastic solution, but not to stand still and stand against the great rivals.

Unfortunately, Real’s calculations were made bankruptcy by Liverpool. With a 4-0 jubilant victory over Barca in the second leg at Anfield, Juergen Klopp’s side slipped through the narrow door to name themselves in the final of Europe’s most prestigious club tournament.

Consequently, BLD Real is now forced to change plans. They understand that, when Barca did not kick the Champions League final in 2018/19, Real released Hazard on June 2, they could not encourage the spirit of fans as expected.

Lampard can replace Sarri at Chelsea

The fluctuations in the training bench at Stamford Bridge have never been as attractive as this when coach Maurizio Sarri was in danger of being robbed by Frank Lampard.

In terms of recruiting coaches, Chelsea is one of the most logical backwards teams. Most decisions follow the mood of owner Roman Abramovich. In a bad day, the Russian tycoon can completely fire any name of any cult.

Chelsea used to be very unpopular in recruiting Sarri. But even though Sarri stands before the opportunity to take the Europa League championship, he can still be fired at the end of this season. According to Sport Mediaset, Sarri is contacting to return to Serie A to work with Roma or Milan.

The reason is that Chelsea are getting closer to appointing old Frank Lampard. Though he has little experience, Lampard has shown some of his talent as a coach. He brought Derby County to the play-off final to gain promotion to Aston Villa after waking up against Leeds.
If he was able to cross Villa and gain the promotion of the highest playing field in England, Lampard had proven to be his commander and fully qualified to sit in the hot seat at Stamford Bridge.

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