Ronaldo “opened fire” C1 Cup: Boys also brilliantly scored 7 goals 1 inning

Son Cristiano Jr. Ronaldo continues to draw attention when scoring 7 goals in just 1 innings.

Born to Cristiano Ronaldo’s son, the world’s top celebrity, Cristiano Jr. was soon famous long ago. But since coming to Juventus, the son of the Ronaldo family has become more famous because of his skill in football, not losing to his father, after launching Juventus U9 team in September 2018.

Cristiano Jr., right after playing the debut of the U9 team. has scored 4 goals, and in December of that year he and his teammates won their first championship at their age. But the achievements of Cristiano Jr. not stopping there when he recently scored a destructive way in a young tournament in Portugal.

Juventus U9 team to Madeira island to attend a young tournament, the island is also home to Ronaldo. And in the match against the Maritimo club, Cristiano Jr. scored 7 goals, all came in the first half. “Sub CR7” then went on to score 5 more goals in the match against the Camacha youth team, thereby having 12 goals in just 2 games. The boy scored a drop in front of the table with very excited cheers from his grandmother and aunt.

Of course the power of U9 Juventus team is superior to the rest, this team wins Maritimo 25-0 before lowering Camacha 15-1. Some young teams of big clubs in Europe have very high professional quality, so Cristiano Jr. Being able to go to the game field from the beginning proved that he was better than some of his teammates.

However the joy of Cristiano Jr. will be affected somewhat by Ronaldo recently despite scoring goals in Ajax but still could not bring Juventus into the semi-finals of the Champions League.

Public opinion will probably still wait to see the son of Ronaldo, the son of a public father wants to guide the football career, how will progress when growing up and competing with new competitors worth more.

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