Sanchez apologizes to the M.U fan for the disaster season

Alexis Sanchez has publicly apologized to Man United fans on his personal Instagram page with the club failing to complete the season.

M.U ended the 2018/19 season in an even worse way when receiving a 0-2 defeat against the relegation team at Cardiff City at Old Trafford. Eventually, the Reds finished the season at No. 6 with 66 points. Notably, M.U only won exactly 2/8 matches in the Premier League since coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer officially became the club’s coach.

For Sanchez personally, he continues to experience a disastrous season with just one goal this season. On personal Instagram, the Chilean striker apologized to all M.U fans, and admitted that he was not playing in the right manner due to constant injury.

“This is a very difficult season and the fans are worthy of receiving apologies because they always support you no matter what happens. Personally, I did not play as well as expected. by sudden injuries, the media and people made many false predictions.

I am always a professional player in every way. I would like to apologize to the fans for not being able to help the club achieve our goal even if we are Manchester United. The players and the staff have been asked whether we can do it right and devote ourselves to the club’s colors. But I’m sure that one day Manchester United will return to be the team like the time of Sir Alex Ferguson, “Sanchez said.

Currently, whether Sanchez will leave Man United in Summer 2019 is still a question of no answer. However, it is likely that the Red Devils will liquidate Chilean players to spend a budget to recruit more suitable stars.

Neighboring fans rubbed the pain of Liverpool

After Liverpool finished the second place in the Premier League 2018/19, Everton fans were given the opportunity to tease the club with the city.

While many clubs sympathize with Liverpool – the team that won the Premiership spot 2018/19 with the highest score in history (97 points), the Everton fans proved very happy. Many people gloated to see that Liverpool could not have yet another league title since 1989/90.

Through Twitter, Everton fans and BLD teams have shared the joy of Liverpool losing to City in the race to win the Premier League this season:

@Everton: “Congratulations to Man City who successfully defended the Premier League championship”.

@RazSterIing: “I love this moment too much”.

@MeatballMolly: “Losing points in some important matches, sorry for Liverpool”.

@Toffybolox: “Last 2-2 draw in March is a key factor in the championship race between Man City and Liverpool.”

Coach Klopp and Liverpool will try harder next season

For his part, Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp objectively shared: “Congratulations to City for winning the championship. We have done everything to stop them but it seems not enough. floating what they did all this season, I am proud of the students, but obviously this is not the way we want to close the season.

We want to write our own history and Liverpool has done it. The team has made major changes compared to the previous season. The club really has a leap in many ways.

As long as Man City is backed by financial power, there won’t be any teams that can easily surpass them. We have to approach perfection to win the Premier League, “the German captain stressed.

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