Saying to the referee mother, Costa can take the La Liga season off

Atletico Madrid striker Diego Costa may face a serious penalty after insulting referee Martinez Munuera against Barca over the weekend.

Specifically, in the 28th minute of the confrontation between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, striker Diego Costa rushed to referee Martinez Munuera to argue after having a collision situation with the opponent. He was immediately disqualified by the black-robed king in front of the surprise of the red half of Madrid.

The controversial situation then took a long time. However, Costa finally left the field for the match to continue. Playing with 10 people is also the reason why Atletico Madrid fell 0-2 against Barca at the last minute.

In the post-match report, Martinez Munuera revealed the reason for the direct red card withdrawal to Diego Costa. He said that the Brazilian striker had profound insults to his mother and his family.

However, Diego Costa denies the accusation completely. The player born in 1988 assured his teammates that he did not mean to offend referee Martinez Munuera. Costa’s words were only clear and not aimed at anyone.

The Spanish Football Federation’s disciplinary committee is considering the incident to make a final decision. Most likely, Diego Costa will have to take a penalty ban to play 8 matches in Atletico Madrid shirt, while La Liga only 10 rounds.

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