Solskjaer ‘green light’ for MU to make a century decision

In its 141-year history, MU has never had a Technical Director (soccer). But Solskjaer is ready to change this history.

Since Sir Alex Ferguson retired, MU has invested more than £ 700 million in the transfer market through three coaches. But that violence has not brought about the desired results when the Reds have not once won the Premier League.

Part of the reason for this ineffectiveness of ‘shopping’ is that the Old Trafford team does not yet have a proper Technical Director (aka Football Director).

In fact, MU’s club leaders wanted to add a technical director as soon as Jose Mourinho was in position. But because the Portuguese military authorities did not want to share the ‘power’ during the transfer, their plan had to be temporarily put aside.

After being appointed as the head coach, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is ready to change history. Prestigious sources from Sky Sports and BBC Sports all confirmed: The Reds certainly have a Technical Director in Summer 2019. Solsa nodded to the Board of Directors to implement this plan.

“I am happy to be able to talk and discuss football with people with expertise in this area. Modern football requires a division of responsibilities. You can’t hug everything like before.

I and Executive Vice President Ed Woodward and club owner – Joel Glazer, discussed this issue. We look for ways to make the Club operate smoothly and best, ”said Solskjaer, coach.

With the appearance of the Technical Director (football), MU’s Summer 2019 transfer window promises to be worth the wait.

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