The Premier League imbued with drama & improvisation

The last “great battle” of the Premier League is already worth watching, becoming even more attractive thanks to the current factor: Arsenal fell 0-3 on Leicester Stadium just before.

People often call important matches like this a “6-point match”. Real, more than that. This is the “9-point match”, when the winning team in the match MU – Chelsea will have 3 points, and the opponent directly blank hands, and the remaining opponents in the race “3 choose 1” to win The end of the Champions League (Arsenal) is also empty!

Ironically, in such an important match, Old Trafford spectators must see firsthand the unacceptable goal of goalkeeper David De Gea. It may be the “accident” commonly seen in football. But, please repeat, this is “9-point match”.

Chapter Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took over the chair of coach M.U, he won like bamboo. For what reason? People are most excited about the idea that Solskjaer is the old man of MU (saying “legend” is a bit too much – no legend is willing to sit on the bench, even when it has just reached 4. table in the previous match).

“Old people” means that Solskjaer understands the nature of M.U, since then he knows how to “win the heart”, not only with the direct members of the team, but also with the fans on the stands!

In fact, what is the “M.U nature” is difficult to say. Or vice versa, whatever you want to say. In fact, it seems a little difficult to hear: there is no connection between Paul Pogba, David De Gea, even Marcus Rashford, who was trained by MU, with the core characteristics of MU when Solskjaer is a player. .

On the other hand, football has always been a “king sport” for hundreds of years because of the constant changes and developments. Solskjaer trained M.U according to what he knew about this team 20 years ago, it could only be the path to … doom.

There is only one thing that changes the least, in football in general and in the Premier League in particular. That is “public opinion”. Perspectives, tactics, players can change constantly, making M.U (and the Premier League) no longer look the same. If you need to identify a certain component that may remain unchanged after 20 years, then it can only be definitely an audience – which we call “public opinion” here.

In football powers, the audience’s view of enjoyment is the most important thing that leads to the formation of different schools.

Why does Italian football celebrate the heavy defense? Why does Dutch football value creativity? This is due to the view of enjoying public football in those places. English football is famous for its fair-play tradition. This is where those who involve a player player who has made a mistake in “heaven” must first comfort, instead of criticizing the mistake.

It is important to protect, reassure, encourage “criminals”, rather than blame, scold, even if the mistake leads to great consequences for the whole team. It can also be called “football culture”.

De Gea is a good goalkeeper, not having to argue. But the bad catch phase caused MU to concede just recently is not a rare error of De Gea recently! The cause may lie in the support of the fair-play title. Just like Liverpool fans did not curse Steven Gerrard the day before. Or as Chelsea fans sympathize with John Terry’s fall in the Champions League final.

That is the place to connect Solskjaer “soaked with M.U and Premier League”, with M.U being able to concede silly in such an important match!

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