Tottenham was condemned when he mistreated Vertonghen

Under UEFA rules, a player with a head injury should not continue to play but Tottenham does not comply with Jan Vertonghen’s case.

In the first half of the Champions League semi-final first leg match against Ajax, Vertonghen midfielder had a sharp clash with Toby Alderweireld teammate in the opponent’s penalty area. Both fell painfully and needed the help of the medical team.

However, Vertonghen’s situation was heavier when he had many cuts in his nose and head, causing blood to flow down his face. Tottenham’s medical department was extremely worried after 4 minutes of treatment for Vertonghen outside the piste. But in the end, Vertonghen was replaced with new clothes and allowed to continue playing.

UEFA rules this season indicate that a player with a head injury who may be severely shocked is only allowed to play again when the team’s doctor assures the situation with the referee. Dr. Christopher Hughes told the referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz that Vertonghen was fit to play again in the 38th minute.

But Vertonghen only survived … 40 seconds on the field before stepping out to the edge, shaking his head and pulling his shirt over his face in frustration. He could not even stand up and needed the help of Mauricio Pochettino coach before being taken into the tunnel by medical staff. Former player Gary Lineker affirmed that Vertonghen’s health was better when treated in the dressing room.

However, Lineker’s share did not help Tottenham’s medical team avoid a wave of fierce criticism. Many people believe that their conclusions can push Vertonghen’s health down as badly as possible. Earlier in 2013, Tottenham also had a similar condemnation when it continued to let Hugo Lloris play after a strong clash with Romelu Lukaku.

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